A life of meaning and value includes feelings of wholeness and significance. People often associate living meaningfully with the goodness they desire for themselves and others. Many want goodness and the feelings it provides, but do not understand what is needed to receive it. 

Do following quotes sound like you?

Do You Feel Uninspired or Empty?
Each day, I have moments that are overcast and grey. My favorite activities just don’t seem as interesting as before. I use to love to have something to dream about and think about, to plan and do. Now, I mostly think about what my family needs, but despite trying to do what is helpful to them, I often am overwhelmed by life’s difficulties. Sometimes, I barely can handle the emptiness I feel, especially when I think about the past and missed opportunities.”

Are You Too Busy Doing Tasks to Really Tune Into What You and Your Family REALLY Need?
“I still need to sort out all the details of what I want to do for my family, but I never slow down long enough to do it. I know that meaningful time for members of my family does not require me to always be tackling a project, but I cannot just do nothing. When I slow down and pay attention to what is around me, I become more curious about others, which feels different and makes me glad I am alive and can be aware of their needs.”

Through Inner Development You Can Improve Yourself and Your Relationships

Braveabilty Counseling can teach you practices for using everyday circumstances to remind yourself how to use words and actions in ways that are good for yourself and others. This approach to inner development is core to everything offered at Braveability. Many people say, “The only person I can change is myself”, yet often point to others as their reason for not changing. Most people have had other people interfere with their attempts to change and they can admit that they have also interfered with changes others close to them have tried to make. When you use Braveability’s life-giving perspectives and practices, that’s when the change begins in you and you’ll be amazed at how your loved ones will respond when you start speaking and acting in line with what is in your heart!

At Braveability, we help families, couples and individuals to gain new understanding of how to begin working to achieve difference and to interact more effectively and with greater control and kindness toward others.

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About Braveability Counseling

Braveability Counseling offers individuals a difference in how they see themselves, especially in relationship to others. It offers individuals a new understanding of their questions and approaches to challenges and relationships, so they can be part of the difference that they want for themselves and others. Inner development becomes possible during these daily challenges and Braveability offers a new personalized approach that strengthens relationships by using life’s storms to figure out what stakeholders truly want and can receive in their lives.
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