It’s tough to know when you should consider going to couples counseling. In most cases, couples wait too long before seeking help. The following are some signs and behaviors that signal that your relationship may need help…

You Aren’t Talking To Each Other or Your Conversations are Regularly Aggressive 

Most couples encounter problems in their communication. When someone feels judged, shamed, disregarded, or insecure, communication problems often occur. A therapist can help you find healthier ways of communicating and to be aware of what you say and how you say it.

You Are Afraid to Talk About Certain Subjects

When partners talk about difficult topics, including money, child discipline, or expectations in other areas, comments often are taken out of context or blown out of proportion. A therapist can help you learn to replace hurtful interaction patterns with ones that are effective and respectful.

Affection is Being Withheld as Punishment

Interpersonal relationships are ever-evolving and in a balance unique to the couple. In dating and married couples, partners routinely misread each other’s attempts to achieve balance or to correct things when the relationship feels out-of-balance.

You View Your Partner as an Adversary 

Healthy couples often view themselves as being on the same team. When partners start taking sides against each other, it’s time to seek help.

You Keep Secrets 

Every individual needs some degree of privacy, but when you start to keep secrets from your partner it’s a sign something is not right between you.

You Think About or Are Having an Affair

If you fantasize about having an affair, it’s a sign of serious discontentment and violated trust. Couples can heal from an affair but it is best to address the thought or feeling you are being unfaithful before the problem escalates.

You Are Being Financial Unfaithful

Financial infidelity can be as harmful to a relationship as an affair. To lie about or hide spending or financial concerns from your partner is another violation of trust.

You Feel Everything Would Be Fine If Your Partner Could Just Change

The only person you can change is yourself, and this realization is essential to the help you will be offered in therapy.

You Are Living Separate Lives

As a married couple, if you are living like roommates, true intimacy and feelings of eagerness about the other are in jeopardy of being replaced by thinking you and your partner can only co-exist.

Sex-life Misunderstandings

Each partner in an intimate relationship wants to know he or she matters and that feelings of desired closeness are mutual. It’s natural for there to be differences in expectations surrounding sex, as in other areas of commitment and communication.

At Braveability, we help individuals in a relationship to try to see the perspective of the other and use it to guide what each person says and does, without becoming distracted by what the other person says or does, or does not say or do. This is easier than it seems, once you have learned from Braveability what is required to do it!

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