Family Therapy

Has some of the fun and affection “gone out” of your family, and are you committed to restoring it? The concept of family generally implies the members have biological ties. However, for many, “family” does not necessitate biological relationship, or require the members be only individuals with whom one currently lives. At Braveability, family renewal involves an emphasis on relationships of devotion between individuals, at least one of whom is interested in inner development.

1. Your first meeting is complementary
2. Your therapy is dedicated to questions you ask
3. Your desire for difference is the focal point of each meeting
4. You gain understanding of “self-therapy”, as a method for receiving therapeutic benefit anytime and anywhere
5. You learn to pay attention to what you say and do, as a way of understanding how to be your best with others
6. You can ask any person you desire to participate in any session
7. Your therapy can take place in the comfort of your home

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