Attention is Key

I Don’t Have Time; I’ll Do It Later

  1. Does not having enough time to take care of the small details of your day add to your frustration?
  2. Does hurrying from one responsibility to the next leave you so exhausted you forget to show members of your family they matter to you?
  3. Are you tired of rushing and forgetting what you are doing?
  4. With all you do for others, what difference would it make in how you are living if you held back one percent for yourself?
  5. If true difference in life involved sitting quietly several minutes a day, in a room by yourself, could you do it?
  6. Are you willing to learn to pay attention differently, as an effective alternative to simply trying harder?
  7. Have you ever had a feeling of gratitude related to being present in the moment?
  8. Would you like to learn to focus fully on one thing at a time, not worrying about what you will do next, and teach your children to do the same?

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