The Me I Can Be

There are times I am eager and excited about loving life and living it to the full, which is how I want to approach each day

  1. When was the last time you sensed how good it is to be exactly where you are with all your responsibilities?
  2. Can you slow down and allow yourself to be grateful for the people closest to you?
  3. Is it possible to feel loved in a way you have not known previously, simply by accepting everything you do know about yourself?

There is MORE to living than you are experiencing …. the MORE is your continuing attempt to be aware that your effort is coming together in all aspects of your life. The MORE is an integrated approach to your decisions, words, and actions, which are the reality of your being.


Are you ready to discover the difference that is possible?

Would you like to know a Love that never deviates, no matter your circumstances?

Would you like to ‘harsh-proof’ your relationships?

Our mission at Braveability Counseling is to help you learn to use difficult thoughts and feelings to create new ways of thinking that awaken emotions and promote life-giving interaction with others.

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